Supreme Court’s Decision on Marriage

As many of you know by now on Friday, June 26th the Supreme Court of our country issued a 5-4
decision to overturn all bans of same-sex marriage by states and affirmed this union as being a
constitutional right. In effect the court has ruled, in finality as all decisions of the Supreme Court are,
that same-sex marriage can be legally performed by all states in our country. 

This does not change the situation for us as Orthodox Christians.  We will still uphold the Biblical
Standard that Marriage is between one man and one woman, the Supreme Court’s decision does not
change that basic truth.  

As your bishop, I will give no blessing for any marriage outside of the traditional marriage of one
man and one woman.  Even though same-sex marriage is “legal,” there will be no same sex
marriages in our parishes. I would encourage you all to re-read the 2013 Statement from the
Episcopal Assembly of Bishops on Marriage. That can be found by going to this link:

I will say that most arguments against same sex marriage are not strong arguments.  Can we deny
that those couples do not feel love?  Can we say they will make bad parents, or downgrade a
community by their presence?  The evidence says otherwise.  The starting point for any discussion
on marriage must begin in the “Sacred Function” Argument. Men and women are given certain
“Sacred Functions” that only they can fulfill, when they were created.  Those functions are not
subjective, but exist in the objective understanding of each person qua person as man or woman.  

Clergy from the diocese should feel free to read the Statement from the Episcopal Assembly if they
deem that it would be helpful to their parishes. 

Your servant of Servants,

+ David, Bishop of Sitka and Alaska

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