Khris-tusax agla-gikux! (Aleut)     Khristos voskrese! (Russian)     Khris-tusaq ung-uixtuq! (Alutuq)     Xristosi banuytashtch'ey! (Athabascan)     Christ is risen!     Xristos Kuxwoo-digoot! (Tlingit)     Xris-tusaq Ung-uixtuq! (Yupik)     Christos anesti! (Greek) 


His Grace, the Rt. Rev. Alexis, Bishop of Bethesda, Locum Tenens of the Diocese of Sitka and Alaska

From His Grace Bishop ALEXIS

Latest News and Updates
  • Bp. ALEXI's First Visit to Alaska as Locum Tenens
    Vladyka is welcomed to St. Innocent Cathedral by the parish council president, James Holowatch on March 24 at the Presanctified Liturgy
  • New program launched to help families in need
    His Grace Bp. ALEXIS has established the Orthodox Care Network of Alaska (OCNA) ministry program.
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